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Color: Dove Grey
Size: 23

HYBRIDO - is a warming dog jacket in thick merino wool. Developed to give your dog full ability to move while keeping all large muscles warm. The jacket is available from size 23 to 80 and you measure from the lowest part of the neck (between the shoulders) til the root of the tail to know which size will fit your dog. Don´t go up in size if you are hesitating between two sizes since the fit is generous. 

Wool is nature´s own functional material, it does not attract smell or dirt and is comfortable and warm even when moist. With HYBRIDO your dog will have a warming dog jacket just as good during activity as when lying in the car.

  • Large pieces of fabric to warm the front
  • Drawstring in the neck making it possible to adjust placement/lenght
  • Collar that warms the neck
  • Adjustable attachment in thin softshell
  • Fixation with a G-hook in aluminium, non-chewable :)
  • Dubble drawstrings in the back, one to shape a U leaving room for the tail=perfect for terriers and similar or if you just wat to shorten the jacket during a walk, and one that shapes the jacket around the behind=perfect when the dog is resting
  • Elastic leg laces
  • Extra seem in front and back around the legs for optimized fit
Color: Dove Grey
Size: 23

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100% Merino Wool

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Air often and wash sparingly, it is especially good to air when it is damp outside

Freshen up by placing folded in airy clean snow Always wash in a wool program when washing in a machine

Use a detergent suitable for wool

Wash your wool garment separately

Let the garment dry lying flat

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