Merino wool is a natural and user-friendly material that feels very gentle to the touch. It has the impressive ability to absorb moisture up to 30% of its own weight without creating a feeling of humidity. Another important characteristic of wool is its ability to regulate temperature. This means that wool retains heat in cold weather, and in warm weather, it increases its heat conductivity, creating a comfortable temperature regulation.


All our production takes place in Europe and follows European laws regarding animal husbandry and production. This includes, among other things, that all wool produced for HUNDLANDS is mulesing-free.


The wool used in our blankets and jackets holds an Eco5 certificate, confirming that:

- The product guarantees safety during use.
- The product is correctly labeled.
- The manufacturer ensures production stability and complies with the criteria requirements.
- Production of products is carried out in accordance with legal regulations on working conditions, ensuring decent working conditions.
- The manufacturer engages in pro-environmental activities, including waste management, economical use of resources, and emissions into the natural environment.
- The manufactured products are characterized by good performance properties and do not contain substances deemed harmful in quantities exceeding the allowed values